Layout Options

There are many, many, many, options you can choose when designing a website. For most clients starting from scratch is easier said than done. We have found that the best way is to just start with a basic layout then edit that to better suit your needs.

We will touch on a few of the basic features of website design so you can get a feel for some of the options at your fingertips.


There are three basic types of headers.

  1. A standard header with your company name a tagline
  2. Your logo on a canvas
  3. A custom designed full width header

In this image we have a standard header. Note the tagline and title section which is usually the company or organization’s name.

This also has an example of a gallery. The pictures can change automatically (scroll). You can adjust the scroll speeds and the fade in/out speeds. You can also choose a single static image.

This header has room for the search bar which would be moved in the event of a full size custom header.

The standard or logo on canvas header is included in the basic design package.

Pages / Menu

Directly below the header is usually the main navigation section for your website. Most of your internal website pages should be in this menu.

This is where your visitors will go to find specific information on specific sections of your website. If you sold cars, you would have separate pages for compacts, mid size, and large vehicles. You could also have separate pages for sports cars, muscle cars, and luxury cars.

The pages make up the “guts” of your website. A person buying cars isn’t coming to your website to buy just any car, they are looking for that one car. Your specific pages help them get there faster and effectively.


This is there the “stuff” goes. Most of what you have to say or convey goes in the body of the website.You have plenty of room to grow and add content to the body of your website.

The body contains a few key elements like breadcrumbs. This is where the current page is displayed for easy navigation. It shows the user where they came from (how they got to the page they are on) so they can easily get back “Breadcrumbs”.

The body also contains the sidebar(s) for easy organization of additional website elements. You can add a search box, a button link, or a list of your pages for easy navigation. most layouts support 1 sidebar, quite a few have 2, and some even support 3 sidebars.




This is where you show off your work. Add pictures of landscaping, home additions, outdoor lighting, paintings, etc. You can add as many pictures as you like.

You can use this section to showcase your most recent projects, or items would you like to bring to your customers attention. You take the pictures, send them to us and we’ll put them up for you.

This image also showcases the logo on canvas header option. This layout offers the current date readout. It will also show today’s date.

The tagline on this layout is directly under the photo gallery.

The picture gallery is auto scroll, flipping through about 8 different images every 5 seconds.



The footer is the bottom section of your website. You can put email sign up boxes, links to other pages, a contact us section, etc. It can be divided into sections, or removed all together or a cleaner look.


Below the footer is an area reserved for your tagline or meta data. Here is where you can list you phone number, address, link to email, etc. You can even throw in social media icons for easy linking with your social media sites or blog.

Contact page

No website is complete without a contact page. This is where your customers finally gives up the goods.

You can ask for as much or a little information as you want. Just need the basics? Just ask for name, email, phone number, etc. Want a little more? Ask how they found you, what time frame they expect to buy, how much is their budget, etc.

All of our packages include a professional contact page. When a customer fills out this form, we can send it anywhere you like. Send it to your sales dept, send it to your service dept, send it directly to your crm software. We can even code it to send to different people depending on the selections the customer chooses.

The best part about our contact pages? Get emails from customers without giving out your internal email address. Keep the spam email harvesters from adding you to a spam email blast.

If you notice, your actual email address isn’t anywhere on this page. (Unless you want it to be!) We also include basic CAPCHA verification for added spam security.

Lots of options

This is a very small sample of the many different options available with our professional website design. Give us an idea of what you want, and the message you wish to convey and we’ll put together something that you would be proud to place your logo on and call your own.