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August 4, 2009

Need a good Laptop?

Its back to school time again. The most wanted things this year are laptops. Every day we gets tons of […]
July 8, 2009

BBB New grading system

It seems that the BBB can no longer be trusted to give unbiased reports on businesses. When a consumer files […]
July 4, 2009

Warranty Warrantee

Warranty or Warrantee? A warranty (accent on first syllable) is a guarantee. A warrantee (accent on last syllable) is a […]
July 2, 2009

My surge protector didnt protect anything!

A nice lady came in the other day with a expensive surge protector she bought from a big box store. […]
July 2, 2009

No internet sounds on Vista

The past 2 weeks we have seen a rash of computers where the only sound you can get is from […]
June 13, 2009

Custom PC Commercials

We recently uploaded all the commercials we can find to youtube. You can find them here. We will add more […]