What is computer networking?

Networking is the entire setup of your business computer system designed to carry out the functions of your business.

A computer network can be basic like sharing files or a printers with the entire office, or highly complex where employees can work from home just like they were sitting at their work desks. Most businesses rely heavily on their computer networking.You have a staff who needs to use the computer network to create documents, send proposals, and service your clients. AllPro Technologies is here to make sure all of those functions are working properly and smoothly in your computer network.

Why do we need you?

You can increase productivity and efficiency with regular network maintenance. Don’t wait for computer or networking problems, be proactive! Small and mid sized companies usually don’t require full-time IT staff. You can get the same level of service without adding to your payroll or tax burden. We can assist as needed to keep your network functioning. You just call us when you have a problem, or we can monitor your systems remotely, and alert you when we see a problem.

We have customizable networking plans that include regular scheduled network and server check-ups. Will can advise you on upcoming purchases and ensure your network grows in an orderly fashion with room to expand when necessary.

Networking issues to avoid

One of the biggest networking issues we run into is a hodge-podge of systems and equipment that were not purchased with the next step in mind. When your company needed to expand your networking, someone went out and purchased something that worked well in the moment. 8 months later we realize we need a few additional features, and new need different equipment. We’ll help you stay on track to meet your IT and computer networking goals. We’ll save you money by reducing duplicate network equipment, and streamlining future goals.

We provide computer networking services in Cincinnati such as:

  1. Secure wireless connectivity
  2. Remote desktop connections
  3. Email and spam filters
  4. High speed internet and file sharing
  5. Network security
  6. Data backup and recovery
  7. PCI compliance
  8. Phone systems and VOIP
  9. VPN and secure data transactions

The list goes on and on.

Prepare for Computer Networking

Have a new project starting? We can assist you in every stage of your new project from unpacking equipment to the final setup and launch. Computer networking is what we live for! We have extensive experience with office moves, system upgrades, IP phones, POTS phones, and POE systems.

Opening a new branch office? We can connect all of your locations. We can ensure you work seamlessly with your remote office. Share files, printers and data easily with a VPN site-to-site connection.

AllPro Technologies wants to be your IT partner.